​Miltona Township is located in Douglas County Minnesota and was established 19 December 1871; it is comprised by congressional Township 130, Range the odd sections were secured by the old St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Company. The even numbers were mostly taken by homestead patents.

Lake Miltona was named for Mrs. Florence Miltona Roadruck, wife of Benjamin Franklin Roadruck. The family homesteaded in Section 22 of Leaf Valley Township. In 1877, they sold their land and returned to Indiana. Lake Irene, was named for Irene Roadruck whose mother gave Miltona its name.  
According to the State Demographer as of April 1, 2014, the township had a total population of 798. The township has a total of 35.8 square miles 27.1 of it is land and 8.7 of it is water. Of the 798 people, 361 households. To view the land owner in Douglas County go to the Douglas County Survey and Geographic Information System (GIS) site.

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Douglas County, Minnesota

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Miltona Township Midterm General Election - Results

Supervisor B - Jerome Haggenmiller - Term ends Jan 2023

Supervisor C -  Steven Russell - Term ends Jan 2023
Question -  Appoint Treasurer passed

Question - Appoint Clerk passed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Posted 11/12/2018